How to Join

Memories fade or corrode with passing years. “I remember when . . .” needs to be recorded on paper, photos, on tape, and then preserved for later reading, viewing or listening. Much later, personal experiences related orally are frequently lost.

Documentation is a key. Preservation is essential. Our goal is to collect our history, organize it, study it, exhibit it. That’s the purpose of the PHS: to stimulate interest in our past, to satisfy curiosity, to learn the foundations of what we are today, where we’ve been, and — yes — where we’re headed in the future.

Interested? Explore our past, become part of our future, and join the Pinole Historical Society. Please click here to download the 2024 membership application. Please mail it back to the Pinole Historical Society at P.O. Box 285, Pinole, CA 94564.